Chef prepared meals. Delivered. Tasty, healthy & lovingly made from the finest natural ingredients.

Free of gluten, grain, dairy & soy. Paleo-friendly and absolutely delicious!

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"I don't want to spend my life wondering if mystery sauces and salad dressings are loaded with sugar, vegetable oils, and gluten. I trust Eat Tribal to get it right, and they do."

John Durant
Author, The Paleo Manifesto

"I am so grateful that Eat Tribal is available. I can't thank you enough... I am finally starting to eat regular meals, my nervous system has calmed down, and my digestion has improved."

Kristen Domingue
CEO, Ignite

"Eat Tribal makes our clients' lives easier and has produced quicker improvements in their body composition. I am currently a member and I highly recommend it to anyone searching for a "low-hanging fruit" method of improving their health and maintaining a healthy body weight."

Jason Onserud C.S.C.S
Director of Performance, Sports Lab NYC